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String functions either act on or return strings.

Standard String Functions

These IEC 61131-3 standard string functions are supported:

Function Explanation
LEN Return the length of a string.
LEFT Return the left part of a string.
RIGHT Return the right part of a string.
MID Return the center part of a string.
CONCAT Add together (concatenate) two or more strings.
INSERT Insert one string into another string.
DELETE Delete part of a string.
REPLACE Replaces part of one string with another string.
FIND Finds the location of one string within another.

Standards Compliance

IEC 61131-3 Second Edition: Table 29.

IEC 61131-3 Third Edition: Table 34.

Extension String Functions

These functions that extend the IEC 61131-3 standard are also supported:

Function Explanation
CODE_POINT_AT Returns the Unicode code point at a position of a string.
GET_ELEMENT Return an element of a string.
LOWER Return a string converted to lower case characters.
TRIM Removes whitespace characters from a string.
UPPER Return a string converted to upper case characters.

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