CONCAT - Concatenate two or more strings

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Returns the concatenation of two or more strings.


Informal Syntax:

CONCAT( In0, In1, ..., InX )

Formal Syntax:

CONCAT( In0:=expression, In1:=expression, ..., InX:=expression )


In0ANY_STRINGThe first string.
In1ANY_CHARSThe second string.
InXANY_CHARSThe last input string.

The function is overloaded and accepts a range of types for the In0 to InX parameters:

Return Value

The returned string is the result of adding together (concatenate) the input parameters In0 to InX.

The type of the return value is determined by the type of the first parameter In0. All other inputs are converted to the same type as In0.


ExampleReturn Value
CONCAT('Fernhill', ' Software')STRING#'Fernhill Software'
CONCAT("Fill", WCHAR#'s')WSTRING#"Fills"
CONCAT('Value = ', '12', ' kg')STRING#'Value = 12 kg'

Standards Compliance

IEC 61131-3 Second Edition: Table 29.5.

IEC 61131-3 Third Edition: Table 34.5.

Note: The function allows different string types as parameters. The IEC 61131-3 Third Edition standard states this should be an error.

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