LEN - String Length

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Returns the number of characters in a string.


Informal Syntax:

LEN( In )

Formal Syntax:

LEN( In:=expression )


InANY_STRINGThe string to take the length of.

The function is overloaded and accepts either the STRING or WSTRING type for the In parameter.

Return Value

The function LEN returns a UINT value representing the number of CHAR or WCHAR elements in the string In.

The return value can be larger than the number of characters you would see on a screen. A displayed code point might be encoded as multiple CHAR or WCHAR elements. For example, the Chinese character for home/room (屋) would be encoded in a STRING using three CHAR elements: 16#E5 16#B1 16#8B. The return value for this code point would be 3.


ExampleReturn Value
LEN('Some Text')UINT#9
LEN(STRING#'屋')UINT#3 (see note below)
LEN("Some Text")UINT#9

Note: The Chinese character for home/room (屋) is encoded in UTF-8 as three CHAR values: 16#E5 16#B1 16#8B. So the length of the string '屋' is 3.

Standards Compliance

IEC 61131-3 Second Edition: Table 29.1.

IEC 61131-3 Third Edition: Table 34.1.

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