TextDocument Data Object

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A TextDocument Data Object represents the contents of a text document.

The text in the document can be queried using a Text Selector.

These document formats are supported:

Creating a TextDocument Data Object

How you create a TextDocument Data Object depends on where the IEC 61131-3 code is running:

Writing a TextDocument Data Object

Use this function to write a TextDocument to a URL:

TextDocument Functions

These TextDocument Data Object functions are supported:

TextDocFromString Creates a TextDocument Data Object from a string value.
TextDocGetValue Returns a value from a TextDocument Data Object using a Text Selector.


  1. Code for an Operator Action displaying the first three lines of a text document in a Message Dialog:
        TextDocumentID, Index : DINT;
        Selector, Line : STRING;
        Message: STRING[1024];
    (* Create the TextDocument Data Object *)
    TextDocumentID := TextDocFromTagFile('Name Of Text Page Tag', 'Text');
    Message := '';
    FOR Index:=1 TO 3 DO
        Selector := CONCAT( 'Line(', TO_STRING(Index), ')');
        Line := TO_STRING( TextDocGetValue( TextDocumentID, Selector ) );
        Message := CONCAT( Message, Line, '$n' );
    (* Display the content *)
    MessageDialog( 'Information', Message );

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