TextDocGetValue Function

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The TextDocGetValue Function creates a TextDocument from a string parameter.


Informal Syntax:

TextDocGetValue( DocumentId, Selector)

Formal Syntax:

TextDocGetValue( DocumentId:=Expression, Selector:=Expression )


The TextDocGetValue Function has these parameters:

Parameter Type Description
DocumentId DINT The identifier of the TextDocument object.
Selector ANY_STRING A Text Selector defining what part of the document to retrieve.

Return Value

The TextDocGetValue function returns any elementary type.

Use a Type Conversion Cast to convert the generic return value to the type you require.


  1. Retrieve an integer value from a location in a CSV document:
    Value := TO_INT( TextDocGetValue( DocumentID, 'CSV(B4)' ) )
  2. Retrieve an string value from a location in a JSON document:
    Value := TO_STRING( TextDocGetValue( DocumentID, 'JSONata(data[3].Level)' ) )

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