ConfigureTag Function

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Applies new configuration to a Database Tag.

Functions and Function Blocks

The ConfigureTag Function is intended for use in an Operator Action. Operator Actions run in response to user input gestures in the Operator Interface. In an Operator Action, code execution is suspended until the function completes.

To change tag configuration from a Program Tag, running on the SCADA Server, use the ConfigureTag Function Block.


Informal Syntax:

ConfigureTag( TagName, NewConfiguration )

Formal Syntax:

ConfigureTag( TagName:=Expression, NewConfiguration:=Expression )


TagNameANY_STRINGThe full name of the tag.
NewConfigurationANY_STRINGThe new configuration of the tag.

NewConfiguration Parameter

The NewConfiguration input parameter is the configuration change to apply to the tag. This is a STRING value that can set 1 or more configuration properties in one operation. The syntax of the NewConfiguration input parameter is:

config-parameter ::= { property-and-value }

property-and-value ::= property ':=' value

property ::= <The name of the configuration property>

value ::=IEC 61131-3 Literal

NewConfiguration parameter examples:

  1. Change the URL property of a URL Scanner Tag:


  2. Enable historical storage on an Analog Data Point Tag:


  3. Disable historical storage on an Analog Data Point Tag:


Return Value



  1. Changes the values of the HighLimit and HighHighLimit properties of an Analog Level Alarm Tag to new values.
    ConfigureTag( "Storage.LevelAlarm", "HighHighLimit:=5.0 HighLimit:=4.0" );

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