StandardTagMenu Function

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Displays the standard tag menu.


Informal Syntax:

StandardTagMenu( TagName, MenuOptions )

Formal Syntax:

StandardTagMenu( TagName:=Expression, MenuOptions:=Expression )


TagName ANY_STRING The name of the tag used to build the standard tag menu. This parameter can be:
  • An absolute tag reference, for example "Main Pressure Vessel.Temperature".
  • A relative tag reference to the host tag, for example ".Pressure".
MenuOptions ANY_STRING Which options to include in the menu. This parameter is a comma separated list of these keywords:
  • TagFileCommands
  • TagShowOptions
  • TagCommands
If this parameter is an empty string, the menu will include all options.

The StandardTagMenu function opens a Standard Tag Menu.

The menu entries shown in the menu are dependent on:

For information about how the TagName and MenuOptions parameters are used, see Standard Tag Menu.

A program or script will not execute any statements after the StandardTagMenu call.

Return Value



  1. Open the standard tag menu for the tag 'Storage.TankLevel' showing all options:
    StandardTagMenu( "Storage.TankLevel", "" );
  2. Open the standard tag menu for the tag 'Storage.TankLevel' showing only tag commands:
    StandardTagMenu( "Storage.TankLevel", "TagCommands" );
  3. Open the standard tag menu for the tag 'Storage.TankLevel' showing file commands and show options:
    StandardTagMenu( "Storage.TankLevel", "TagFileCommands, TagShowOptions" );


Further Information

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