Page Navigation Functions


Page navigation functions allow an Operator Action, written as an IEC 61131-3 script, to:

Navigation Functions

These page navigation functions are supported:

CurrentPageDescription STRING Returns a description of the current page.
NavigateBack Navigates back to the previous display window.
NavigateBackDescription STRING Returns the description of the page opened by NavigateBack().
NavigateBackIsAvailable BOOL Returns TRUE if the function NavigateBack() is available.
NavigateForwards Navigates forwards to the next display window.
NavigateForwardsDescription STRING Returns the description of the page opened by NavigateForwards().
NavigateForwardsIsAvailable BOOL Returns TRUE if the function NavigateForwards() is available.
NavigateHome Navigates to the home page window.
NavigateHomeDescription STRING Returns the description of the page opened by NavigateHome().
OpenAlarmList Opens an alarm list for the specified folder or tag.
OpenGraphic Displays the specified graphic page.
OpenSqlList Executes the specified query and displays the results as a table.
OpenTagFile Displays the specified tag file.
OpenTrend Displays the specified preconfigured trend.
OpenTrendForTag Displays an ad-hoc trend for a Data Point Tag.

A function that returns a value can be called from an Expression.

All of these functions can be called from a Structured Text Function Call.

Further Information

Operator Actions

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