OpenAlarmListEx Function

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Opens a new alarm list.


Informal Syntax:

OpenAlarmListEx( Title, Columns, Filter )

Formal Syntax:

OpenAlarmListEx( Title:=Expression, Columns:=Expression, Filter:=Expression )


Parameter Type Description
Title ANY_STRING The title to show above the alarm list. If this parameter is an empty string, no title will be shown above the list.
Columns ANY_STRING The list of columns to display in the alarm list. For information on how to use this parameter, see Alarm Column List.
Filter ANY_STRING The filter to select which alarms to include in the alarm list. For information on how to use this parameter, see Alarm Filter.

Return Value



The OpenAlarmListEx function displays the alarm list in the form of a table. The exact behavior varies according to the context:

A program or script will not execute any statements after the OpenAlarmListEx call.

For finer control over the columns displayed, and alarms included, us the OpenAlarmListEx() Function.


  1. Display all active, cleared and acknowledged alarms:
    OpenAlarmListEx( "All Alarms", "", "" );
  2. Display all enabled alarms with the current value:
        "All Alarms", 
        "Severity, Timestamp, Message, Source, Condition, State, Value", 
        "States=[Enabled]" );

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