OpenGraphic Function

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Displays a Graphic Page Tag.


Informal Syntax:

OpenGraphic( TagName )

Formal Syntax:

OpenGraphic( TagName:=Expression )


TagName ANY_STRING The name of the Graphic Page Tag to open. The name can be the full name of the tag or a relative tag name.

Return Value



The OpenGraphic function opens a Graphic Page Tag. The exact behavior varies according to the context:

If the OpenGraphic call is made from a Graphic Page Tag you can use a relative tag name for the TagName parameter. A relative tag name indicates a name relative to the host document. For more information on how relative names are resolved see Tag References.

A program or script will not execute any statements after the OpenGraphic call.

The OpenGraphic call is logically equivalent to:

OpenTagFile( TagName, 'fhgrp' );


  1. Display the graphic page 'Diagrams.PumpControl':
    OpenGraphic( "Diagrams.PumpControl" );

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