Temporary Plot Functions

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Temporary Plot Functions functions allow an Operator Action to create and open a Temporary Plot.

Plot Functions

These Temporary Plot functions are supported:

PlotAddPen Adds a pen to a temporary plot. The pen color is selected automatically.
PlotAddPenEx Adds a pen to a temporary plot. The pen color is set by the function call.
PlotNewTrend Starts a new temporary trend plot.
PlotNewValueDuration Starts a new temporary value duration plot.
PlotOpen Opens a temporary plot.
PlotPenSetFixedAnalogScale Configures a pen to use an analog scale with a fixed range.
PlotSetFixedXAxis Sets the X Axis to display a fixed interval.
PlotSetMovingXAxis Sets the X Axis to track the current time.
PlotSetTitle Sets the title of a temporary plot.

These functions can be called from a Structured Text Function Call.


  1. Open a trend with two pens:
    PlotSetTitle( "River Flow and Level" );
    PlotAddPen( "River Monitor.Flow", "Flow" );
    PlotAddPen( "Rover Monitor.Level", "Level" );
  2. Open a trend using an SQL query as a data source
    (* Start a new trend *)
    (* Set the trend title *)
    PlotSetTitle("Central England Temperature Record");
    (* Add a pen where the data is from an SQL query *)
    	"SELECT * FROM DatabaseTable.PlotDataSource",
    	"CET Record" );
    (* Set the X Axis to start at a fixed point in time and span 100 years *)
    PlotSetFixedXAxis( D#1920-01-01, T#365d * 100 );
    (* Open the trend *)

    Note: This example is taken from the "Dynamic Plot Example" installed with the product. See Import Example for information on how to load this and other samples.

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