PlotPenSetFixedAnalogScale Function

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Configures a pen to have an analog scale with a fixed range.


Informal Syntax:

PlotPenSetFixedAnalogScale( PenIndex, Units, MaximumScale, MinimumScale, DisplayDigits )

Formal Syntax:

        DisplayDigits:=Expression )


Parameter Type Description
PenIndex ANY_INT The 1-based index of the pen to change. The first pen in a plot is number 1, the second pen is number 2, and so on.
Units ANY_STRING The units to display above the Y axis.
MinimumScale ANY_NUM The minimum scale of the Y Axis.
MaximumScale ANY_NUM The maximum scale of the Y Axis.
DisplayDigits ANY_INT The number of significant digits to display for data associated with the pen. The value of this parameter is limited to the range 2 to 10. Values less than 2 are rounded up to 2. Values greater than 10 are rounded down to 10.

Return Value



Use this function to set a pen to display an analog value with a fixed range.

An error will be reported if any of these conditions are true:


  1. Sets the first pen in a plot to have an analog scale with a fixed range.
    PlotPenSetFixedAnalogScale( 1, 'Metres', 0, 5, 3 );
    The units displayed above the Y Axis is 'Metres'. The scale of the Y Axis is 0 to 5. When a data value is displayed, the number of significant digits shown is 3.

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