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Tag command functions allow an Operator Action (written as IEC 61131-3 Structured Text) to send commands to tags. For example:

Tag Command Functions

You can use these IEC 61131-3 functions in operator action scripts to send commands to tags:

TagAcknowledgeAlarms Acknowledges the alarms associated with a tag using the AcknowledgeAlarms Tag Command.
TagDisableAlarms Disables the alarms associated with a tag using the DisableAlarms Tag Command.
TagEnableAlarms Enables the alarms associated with a tag using the EnableAlarms Tag Command.
TagForceValue Forces the value of a tag to a fixed constant value using the ForceValue Tag Command.
TagSendMessageTo Sends a message to a user using the SendMessageTo Tag Command.
TagWriteValue Writes a new value to a tag using the WriteValue Tag Command.
TagWriteValueQuality Writes a new value and quality to a tag using the WriteValueQuality Tag Command.
TagRefresh Requests and immediate refresh of data using the Refresh Tag Command.
TagResetStatistics Resets the statistics of a tag using the ResetStatistics Tag Command.
TagRemoveForce Removes any forcing applies to a tag using the RemoveForce Tag Command.
TagRun Requests and immediate calculation or program execution using the Run Tag Command.

These functions can be called using a Structured Text Function Call.

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