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Fernhill SCADA is software to manage automation equipment:

Fernhill SCADA architecture

Fernhill SCADA applications are built and operated using these components:

SCADA Server Software that runs the SCADA application.
  • Contains the tag database, historian, alarm list, and event log.
  • Runs Drivers to communicate with PLC devices, RTU devices, IoT devices, and other data sources.
  • Provides data to client software.
  • Supports multiple Operator Interfaces and Configuration Tools.
  • Enforces security and User Rights.
The SCADA Server is supported on Windows and Linux operating systems.
Configuration Tool A tool for system integrators to create and manage the SCADA application running on the SCADA server. Using the tool you can:
  • Configure tags to represent devices and communication channels.
  • Configure I/O Data Point Tags to represent equipment or process. For example valve state (open or closed), pressure, temperature, and so on.
  • Use the Graphic Editor to configure graphic pages to visually represent plant and equipment.
  • Use the Toolbar Editor to configure the toolbar in the Operator Interface.
  • Configure trend tags to show how process variable change over time.
  • Configure Text Reports.
  • Configure alarm tags to indicate abnormal conditions.
  • Configure calculated tags and programs.
  • Configure how events are recorded in the Event Log.
  • Configure Database Tables to store batch results and application specific data.
  • Run queries on the tag database.
  • Monitor tag status in real time.
  • Monitor communication channels in real time.
Operator Interface A tool for operators to interact with the SCADA application running on the Fernhill SCADA server. Using the tool, operators can access:
  • Graphic pages showing plant and equipment states.
  • Trend pages showing how process plant variables change over time.
  • The alarm list showing abnormal plant and equipment states.
  • The Event Log showing the history of significant events.
  • Generated text reports.
The Operator Interface is supported on Windows, Linux, macOS and Android operating systems.
Data Access A collection of interfaces to allow 3rd party applications to access data in the Fernhill SCADA Server. The interface collection includes:
  • An ODBC Driver to allow office applications access to SCADA Data.
  • An OPC Server to allow Fernhill SCADA data to be integrated into 3rd party SCADA applications.
  • A Java API to allow Java applications access to Fernhill SCADA data.

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