Alarm List Page


The Alarm List Page shows the SCADA alarm list:

SCADA Alarm List

Note: The most recent active alarms are shown at the top, followed by cleared alarms, followed by acknowledged alarms at the bottom. Color is used to indicate relative severity.

Interacting With the Alarm List Page

Using the mouse

To scroll the alarm list:

  1. Press the mouse button down on the alarm list
  2. Move the mouse in the direction you want to scroll
  3. Release the mouse button

Note: The alarm list may keep scrolling for a short time after you release the mouse button. How far the alarm list moves depends on how fast the mouse was moving when you released the mouse button.

Selecting Alarms

Selected alarms are shown by drawing the row background using the alarm color:

SCADA Alarm List showing a selected alarm

To select just one alarm:

  1. Click on the alarm you want to select.

To select a range of alarms:

  1. Click on the first alarm you want to select.
  2. Holding the shift key down, click on the last alarm you want to select.

To toggle whether an alarm is selected or not:

  1. Holding the control key down, click on an alarm.

Note: If you move the mouse significantly between pressing and releasing the mouse button, the alarm list may interpret this as a scroll action.

Alarm Menu

To open the alarm menu click on a selected alarm. The standard alarm menu will open:

SCADA Alarm List Menu

Note: The menu options shown will be selected to match what you can do with the alarm. For example the Acknowledge options will not be shown if the alarm is acknowledged, or if you do not have the Acknowledge Alarm permission.

If you have one alarm selected, the menu contains these options:

Menu ItemDescription
Show Alarm GraphicOpens the Graphic Page associated with the alarm
View Alarm SummaryOpens a dialog showing a summary of the alarm
Acknowledge AlarmAcknowledges the alarm
Acknowledge Alarm with Comment...Prompts for a comment before acknowledging the alarm

If you have multiple alarms selected, the menu contains this option:

Menu ItemDescription
Acknowledge Multiple AlarmsAttempts to acknowledge multiple alarms

Using the keyboard

Use these keys to interact with the alarm list:

Ctrl + ASelects all alarms
Ctrl + Shift + ACancels the current selection (selects no alarms)
Down ArrowMove the alarm list down 1 row
Up ArrowMove the alarm list up 1 row
Page DownMove the alarm list down 1 page
Page UpMove the alarm list up 1 page
HomeMove to the top of the alarm list
EndMove to the bottom of the alarm list
Left ArrowMove the alarm list to the right to see columns to the left of the current view
Right ArrowMove the alarm list to the left to see columns to the right of the current view
Ctrl + Left ArrowMove the alarm list fully to the right to see the left-most columns
Ctrl + Right ArrowMove the alarm list full to the left to see the right-most columns

Further Information

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