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A Font Property selects a font used for drawing text. For example:

The Font Chooser Dialog helps you to select a font family:

Font Chooser Dialog

Note: The Size field is ignored when choosing a font.

Font Matching

The Font Chooser Dialog lists the fonts available on the Windows computer running the Configuration Tool. The fonts on this computer may not be available on computers or devices running the Operator Interface. For example it is unlikely the Arial font would be available on an Android device. When this happens, Fernhill SCADA will try to select a different font that best matches the original font selected.

Common alternative fonts used by Fernhill SCADA are:

Original Font Nearest Android Font Nearest Linux Font
Arial Roboto Liberation Sans
Courier New Droid Sans Mono Liberation Mono

Font matching may lead to differences in the size of text displayed on different operating systems. For example, text configured to use the Arial font, would use the Roboto font on an Android device. The text on the Android device may be a slightly different width (and sometimes height) to the same text on a Windows device.

Note: Most fonts installed on Windows computers have a license which does not permit copying to other computers.

To display text the same way on all devices, use open fonts. Google Noto is an example of an open font that you can use on any device. To use the Google Noto font, try these steps:

  1. Download and install the Google Noto Fonts on all computers running Fernhill SCADA. Google Noto Fonts are published under the SIL Open Font License, which allows unrestricted use. Google Noto Fonts are installed by default on Android devices.
  2. Use Google Noto Fonts when configuring text on any of the following:

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