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The Properties Window is a component of the Configuration Tool. The Properties Window allows you to view and, if required, change the properties of a selected item:

Properties Window

Note: The Properties Window showing the properties of a tag.

Using the properties window you can change:

Showing the Properties Window

If you cannot see the Properties Window, it may have been hidden. To show the properties window:

  1. On the Configuration Tool menu, select View.
  2. On the View menu, select Toolbars and Docking Windows.
  3. On the Toolbars and Docking Windows menu, select Properties.

Property Value Editors

Many properties support a browse button Browse Button which invokes an editor to help edit the property.

These Properties Editors are supported:

Database Tag Properties

When the Properties Window displays the properties of a Database Tag, you can do the following additional tasks:

Drag a Database Tag Property onto a Graphic Page

If the following are all true, you can drag a database tag property directly onto a Graphic Page:

To drag a reference to a tag configuration property onto a graphic page:

  1. Press the left mouse button down on the property.
  2. Drag the mouse onto the graphic page.
  3. Release the mouse button.

Database Tag Properties Tracking the Template Folder

When you first display the configuration properties of a Database Tag that is in a Linked Folder, the properties are linked to the template:

Properties window showing locked properties

The lock symbol Locked property symbol indicates the properties track the template.

To change whether a configuration property tracks the Template Folder:

  1. Right-click the property name.
  2. Select Track Template Folder
    Properties window showing the track template menu
    Remove the check mark from the Track Template option to stop the property tracking the template.

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