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Fernhill SCADA uses a client-server architecture. This consists of:

Read the sections below for more information on the Fernhill SCADA Server and Client Applications.

Fernhill SCADA Server

The Fernhill SCADA Server is a background process (service or daemon) that does the following:

Fernhill SCADA server OPCFernhill SCADA .NET Framework APIFernhill SCADA Java APIFernhill SCADA ODBC DriverIEC 61131-3SQLMitsubishi Melsec DriverOmron DriverSiemens S7 DriverIdec Micro DriverAllen Bradley DriverModbus DriverData File DriverOPC Client DriverODBC Client DriverSNMP Client DriverAll Drivers

Running as a background service, the Fernhill SCADA Server continues to run even if no user is logged on to the host computer.

Fernhill SCADA Client Applications

Fernhill SCADA Client Applications connect to the Fernhill SCADA Server. For example:

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