Redundant Servers

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The Fernhill SCADA Server provides the option of working in a redundant configuration:

Fernhill SCADA Configured to run in a redundant configuration.

There are two Fernhill SCADA Servers in a redundant configuration. One server operates as the active server and the other server operates as the standby server.

The active server runs Drivers to:

The active server automatically updates the standby server with:

The two servers monitor each other. If the standby server detects the active server is offline, the standby server will take over the active role.

When a failed active server recovers, it will detect its partner is now the active server and adopt the standby role.

Setting up Redundant SCADA Servers

The setup procedure is different depending on whether you are:

Redundant Connections Between Redundant SCADA Server

Fernhill SCADA supports redundant connections between two servers.

To setup redundant connections, configure the StandbyServerBackupLink Parameter.

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