SCADA Server Command Line Tool

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The Fernhill SCADA Server Command Line Tool is a program that allows you to:

Running the Fernhill SCADA Server Command Line Tool

To run the tool on Windows, use the full path to the program file:

"C:\Program Files\Fernhill Software\Fernhill SCADA\FHServerTool.exe"

To run the tool on Linux and macOS, use the program name:


Running the FHServerTool without any command line parameters should display the help information:

Fernhill SCADA FHServerTool

Initialising OpenSSL...
        FHServerTool Help
        FHServerTool Backup <filename> [options]
        FHServerTool Restore <filename> [options]

        -T<limit>   Set the request timeout to <limit> seconds.
        -P<port>    Connect to the server on port <port>
        -L<level>   Diagnostic logging level (0 - 3)

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