User Rights and Privileges

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A User Right is a permission allowing a user to do an action on Fernhill SCADA. Most User Rights apply to tags, for example Read or Write. Some other User Rights apply to Fernhill SCADA as a whole, for example Configure.

You can grant a User Right to a single zone, multiple zones, or all zones. You can also block a feature by removing the corresponding right from all zones.

Assigning User Rights

Supported User Rights

These User Rights are supported:

User Right Applies To Description
Refresh Refresh
Permits a user to manually refresh data from its data source
Write WriteValue
Permits a user to write data to a tag, or to the underlying data source
Force ForceValue
Permits a user to apply a force to a tag, or remove a force from a tag
Acknowledge AcknowledgeAlarms Permits a user to acknowledge an alarm
DisableAlarm DisableAlarms
Permits a user to enable or disable an alarm
TuneAlarm AlarmPropertyOverride
Permits a user override properties of alarms. For example: Change an alarm limit from its configured value.
DirectWrite DirectWriteBit
Permits a user write directly to a data source.
WriteFile WriteFile
Permits a user to write a file to a DNP3 Outstation.
Configure Fernhill SCADA Permits a user to configure Fernhill SCADA

Testing the User Rights of a Tag

To test whether a user has an appropriate privilege to access a tag, read the value of the UserPrivileges property.

Further Information

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