Fernhill SCADA macOS Runtime

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The setup program Fernhill SCADA Runtime installs the free SCADA runtime on macOS operating systems.

The latest setup packages can be downloaded from https://www.fernhillsoftware.com/download.php.

Installing Fernhill SCADA Runtime on MAC Computers

  1. Run the setup package FernhillScada-4.4.pkg. macOS will start installing the Fernhill SCADA Runtime:

    Fernhill SCADA for Macos Setup
  2. Click Continue to view the license agreement:

    Fernhill SCADA for Macos License Agreement
  3. Click Continue to show a dialog asking you to accept the license agreement:

    Agree to Fernhill SCADA License
  4. Click Agree to show the installation type page:

    Fernhill SCADA for macOS Install Type Page
  5. Click Install to authorize the installation. A dialog will open asking you a username and password:

    Enter password to allow
  6. Enter a username and password, then click Install Software to begin installing:

    Fernhill SCADA for macOS install progress page
  7. When the installation is complete, a success page is displayed:

    Fernhill SCADA for macOS install complete page
  8. Click Close to close the installer.

Further information

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