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Occasionally a setup may fail.

A common cause of setup failure is a clash between existing software and the new software you are installing. This can apply to any software application, not only Fernhill SCADA.

To help diagnose these types of problem we often require the diagnostic log files from the setup program. To obtain these you will need to run the setup program with diagnostic logging enabled. The rest of this article explains how to do this.

Installing Fernhill SCADA with Diagnostic Logging

1. Open a command prompt.

Example command prompt

For convenience copy the setup program you are using to the current folder in the command prompt. In the above example you would copy the setup program to C:\Users\fhtest.

2. Enter this command to run the setup program with diagnostic logging. For example:

FernhillSCADADeveloper_4.9_X86.exe /install /log Install.log

3. The setup program will try and install Fernhill SCADA. When the error occurs, exit the setup program. After you exit the setup program you should see log files in the current folder of the command prompt:

Files generated by setup program with logging enabled

Note: To help us identify the cause of the problem quickly, include these log files in your support request. Errors in setup programs should be sent to

Setup Program Command Line Options

The setup programs support a number of command line options to customize the installation process. You can get help on the available options using the "/?" command line option. For example:

FernhillSCADADeveloper_4.9_X86.exe /?

After you run the preceding command you should see a window with the command line options displayed:

Command line help for setup programs

Further information

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