Mathematical Functions (SQL)

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Mathematical functions perform a numeric calculation.


primary-function-math ::=
  ABS ( value-expression )
  | ACOS ( value-expression )
  | ASIN ( value-expression )
  | ATAN ( value-expression )
  | ATAN2 ( value-expression, value-expression )
  | CEILING ( value-expression )
  | COS ( value-expression )
  | EXP ( value-expression )
  | FLOOR ( value-expression )
  | LN ( value-expression )
  | LOG ( value-expression )
  | POWER ( value-expression, value-expression )
  | ROUND ( value-expression, value-expression )
  | ROUNDSD ( value-expression, value-expression )
  | SIGN ( value-expression )
  | SIN ( value-expression )
  | SQRT ( value-expression )
  | TAN ( value-expression )


These Mathematical functions are supported:

Abs( X ) Returns the absolute value of X.
Acos( X ) Returns the arc cosine of X in radians.
Asin( X ) Returns the arc sine of X in radians.
Atan( X ) Returns the arc tangent of X in radians.
Atan2( X, Y ) Returns the angle, in radians, between the positive x-axis and a line drawn from the origin to ( x, y ).
Ceiling( X ) Returns the smallest integer value that is greater than or equal to X.
Cos( X ) Returns the cosine of X, where X is measured in radians.
Exp( X ) Returns e raised to the power of X.
Floor( X ) Returns the largest integer value that is less than or equal to X.
Ln( X ) Returns the natural logarithm of X.
Log( X ) Returns the log to base 10 of X.
Power( X, Y ) Returns X raised to the power Y.
Round( X, Y ) Returns X rounded to Y decimal places.
Note: Half way cases are rounded away from zero.
RoundSD( X, Y ) Returns X rounded to Y significant digits.
Note: Half way cases are rounded away from zero.
Sign( X ) Returns +1, 0, or -1, depending on whether X is positive, zero, or negative.
Sin( X ) Returns the sine of X, where X is measured in radians.
Sqrt( X ) Returns the square root of X.
Tan( X ) Returns the tangent of X, where X is measured in radians.


  1. Return the analog data point tag full name and value rounded down to the nearest integer:
    SELECT FullName,Value,FLOOR(Value) "Rounded Value"
    FROM TagDataPointAnalog

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