Operator Toolbar Editor

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The Operator Toolbar Editor allows you to change the appearance and function of the Operator Interface Toolbar.

Toolbar editor

Using the Operator Toolbar Editor you can:

Opening the Operator Toolbar Editor

To open the Operator Toolbar Editor:

  1. In the Tag Window, right click the database root folder.
  2. Select Edit Operator Toolbar.

Edit Modes

The toolbar editor uses five tools of the Graphic Editor toolbar:

Graphic editor toolbar when editing an Operator Toolbar

These tools are supported:

IconTool NameDescription
Run Mode Run Mode Run mode allows you to test the operator toolbar within the editor.
Debug Tool Debug Tool Runs Operator Actions through the IEC 61131-3 Debugger.
Select Icon Mode Select Icon Allows you to select an icon and make changes to that icon.
Toolbar Properties Tool Toolbar Properties Edit the global toolbar properties.
Import File Tool Import File Add a new toolbar icon.

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