Allen Bradley DF1 Serial Channel Tag

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The Allen Bradley DF1 Serial Channel Tag Channel Tag Icon provides a DF1 serial SCADA communication channel to Allen Bradley PLC Devices.

Configuration Properties

The Allen Bradley DF1 Serial Channel Tag supports the configuration properties of the Allen Bradley Channel Tag plus these properties:

Property Type Version Description
Mode WSTRING 2.2 The serial port communication speed, data format and handshake mode.
Click the Browse button Browse button to edit the serial port mode using the Serial Port Mode Editor. You can also type in the serial port mode string directly. See Serial Port Mode String for how this property is formatted.
Port WSTRING 2.2 The name of the communications port. For example 'COM1:'
ErrorCheck USINT 2.2 The error checking mode.
0 = CRC, 1 = BCC.
Protocol USINT 3.8 The protocol variant used by the channel.
0 = Full Duplex, 1 = Half Duplex.
SourceNode USINT 2.2 The node address used on this channel by Fernhill SCADA (0-254).
TransmitDelay TIME 3.8 Only used in Half Duplex mode. The delay between the start of the next transmission and the last character received.
Note: If you are using a 1761-NET-AIC+ Advanced Interface Converter, use the default value of 20ms. This value ensures the Auto Transmit Delay feature of the 1761-NET-AIC+ does not drop the start of the messages sent by Fernhill SCADA.

Tag Commands

The Allen Bradley DF1 Serial Channel Tag supports the tag commands of the Allen Bradley Channel Tag.

Example Configuration

This is an example of a channel configured as follows:

ModeBaud=19200 Parity=N Data=8 Stop=1
ProtocolFull Duplex

Relationships to Other Tag Types

The Allen Bradley DF1 Serial Channel Tag builds on the features of these tag types:

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