CTD - Down Counter Function Block

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The CTD function block decrements a count for each rising edge until the count reaches zero.


CDBOOL R_EDGEInputA rising edge decrements the counter value CV by 1.
LDBOOLInputResets the output Q and the counter value CV.
PVINTInputThe counter limit value.
QBOOLOutputSet to true when the counter value CV reaches PV.
CVINTInputThe current counter value.

The Up Counter is logically equivalent to:

Function_Block CTD
        Var_Input CD : BOOL R_EDGE; LD : BOOL; PV : INT; End_Var
        Var_Output Q : BOOL; CV : INT; End_Var

        IF LD THEN
            CV := PV;
        ELSEIF CU AND (CV > 0)
            CV := CV - 1;

        Q := (CV <= 0);

Standards Compliance

Table 36.2a - IEC 61131-3 Second Edition.

Table 44.2a - IEC 61131-3 Third Edition.

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